94% Glass ball, mountain picture

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So you got stuck on the statement 94% Glass ball, mountain picture and cannot go any further? Don’t worry, we have all the answers.

These are the answers for Glass ball, mountain picture 94 for all smartphones and tablets:

94% Glass ball, mountain picture

  • Mountain – 29%
  • Ball – 23%
  • Glove – 11%
  • Tree – 11%
  • River – 10%
  • Glass – 6%
  • Cold – 4%

Other questions that can be asked at this level:

  • 94% Something that gets tied
  • 94% You don’t like to do it, but feel better when it’s done

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Glass ball, mountain picture 94

How to play 94% game?
This game is so easy. The first thing you have to know is that 94% is a guess game. In every level you will be given 2 statements and 1 image. All you have to do is find words or phrases associated to that statement or image. Usually the first things that come in mind are the right answers. So when I say “94 Glass ball, mountain picture”, what things to you mind instinctively?
The answers are taken from a survey. You have to guess 94% of the answers people gave to this survey.

Download 94% game:
94% is available for Android and iOs devices. Unfortunately a version for Windows phones users is not yet available. Also at the moment there no version for Facebook of 94% game.

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